The Commission has the exclusive authority to issue telecom services license. For issuing these licenses, the LL Division frames the guidelines as per direction of the Commission. The draft Guidelines are placed before the Commission after being examined by the senior officers. After being satisfied the Commission directs the LL Division to host it in the website of BTRC for taking comments from the stakeholders and general public. All the comments received are examined and relevant suggestions are incorporated in the guidelines. These guidelines with the concerned license format are placed before the Commission for decision. When the Commission approves the guidelines, the invitation of proposal for awarding license is floated through advertisement.


Issuance of License

The Commission forms evaluation committee for issuance of any type of licenses. After receiving all the offers, the concerned evaluation committee assesses all the offers and recommends to the Commission for qualified applicants. The LL Division places it to the Commission meeting. Accordingly, the Commission, after due examination, takes decision for issuance or non-issuance of license and the LL Division implements the decision of the Commission by issuing a license or sending a letter with the reasons for rejecting the application.


Share Transfer and Merger

If any operator applies to the Commission for transferring its share to or to merge with other operator/company/entity, the LL Division examines the application with respect to the Section 37 of Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001 and places before the Commission. The Commission takes decision about this matter and the LL Division executes the Commission's decisions as per law.


Cancellation and Suspension

According to section 46 of Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001 if any Glossary Link licensee/operator fails to comply/or violates the licensing condition or transgresses any Section of the Act, LL Division may take initiative for cancellation and suspension of license. To exhaust the process, it serves a show cause notice to the licensee specifying the reasons for the proposed suspension or cancellation along with direction to present the reply within 30 (thirty) days for the proposed action. If the licensee fails to reply or if the reply does not appear satisfactory to the authority, it is placed before the Commission for taking further necessary action as per Section 46 of Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001.


Renewal of License

In general, the license issued to the operator may be renewed in such a manner and subject to payment of such fees as may be prescribed in the license or the circular/administrative orders issued by the Commission. The license of the major operators may be renewed through the process as stipulated by the Commission. Amendment of conditions of license The Commission may, for the purpose of the Act, amend any condition of any license. When the Commission directs any amendment in the conditions of a license, LL Division serves a notice on the licensee informing the reason for the proposed change and also requests the licensee for reply. If any reply submitted, LL Division places it to the Commission through a process about the very change/modification/amendment. If the Commission amends any condition of license, LL Division executes the decision of the Commission.

Administrative fine

Any violation of the conditions of the license or directives or provisions of the Act/Regulations by the licensee causes LL Division to take initiative and to issue show cause notice to the concerned licensee for their reply. If reply is not satisfactory, it is placed before the Commission for taking decision to impose fine to the concerned licensee.