Word / Term Definition
Number Portability

“Number Portability” is the term used to describe capability of individuals, business and organizations to retain their existing telephone number(s) and the same quality of service when switched to another local service provider.

NTP server

“NTP server” is a server to provide Network Time Protocol (NTP) service for the ISP and other authorized users under NIX.

Next Generation Network (NGN)

is a packet based network able to provide services including telecommunication services and able to make use of multiple broadband, QoS-enabled transport technologies and in which service related functions are independent from underlying transport related technologies. It offers unrestricted access by users to different service providers. It supports generalized mobility which will allow consistent and ubiquitous provision of services to users.

National Internet eXchange (NIX)

“National Internet eXchange (NIX)” is the exchange point for passing Internet traffic within the country according to the agreement among or between the ISPs.