Word / Term Definition
Autonomous System Number (ASN)

Autonomous System Number (ASN): Autonomous System (AS) is a collection of IP networks in the Internet and routers under the control of one entity (or sometimes more) that presents a common routing policy to the Internet. A unique ASN is allocated to each AS for use in BGP routing. With BGP, AS numbers are important because the ASN uniquely identifies each network on the Internet.

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia-Pacific region. APNIC provides number resource (IP and AS number) allocation and registration services that support the global operation of the Internet. It is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization whose members include Internet Service Providers, National Internet Registries, and similar organizations.

Application Form

“Application Form” means a form prescribed for applying for the license for the operation of NIX services.

Access Provider

shall include IGW Operators, ICX Operators, IX Operators and such licensed operators whose network shall have the provisions to provide interconnection with the networks of other operators.

Access Network Service Operators (ANS Op)

PSTN, Cellular, Cable Service Provider and ISPs who have a direct access with the subscribers.

Access Network Service (ANS) Operator

PSTN, Cellular,

Cable Service Provider, Data Service Provider and Internet Service

Provider who have a direct access with the subscribers or end users;