Engineering and Operations (E&O) Division has been working relentlessly to promote the efficiency, adaptability and development of the telecom sector in Bangladesh. This division prepares technical guidelines as well as resolves and manages disputes on interconnections among the telecom operators under the Regulations formulated in the year of 2004. It also issues import-permission for Non-Wireless Equipment and performs miscellaneous jobs such as Customs Duty-Value Added Tax (CD-VAT) and import duty, Caller ID and Override Facility, Quality of Services (QoS) and Consulting with the Vendors/Operators and Customs Department for NOC related issues. E&O monitors and analyzes the use of bandwidth allotted to Internet Service Providers (ISP) and International Internet Gateway (IIG). It checks the Call-Detail-Record (CDR) of Interconnect Exchange (ICX) and International Gateway (IGW) to ensure proper distribution of income. The division also scrutinizes conformity of equipment with the license and examines the equipment whether they comply with the ITU standard. The E&O division also studies reports, records, annual plan and procedure-books of the operators. The Division plays a vital role in execution of bi-lateral or multilateral agreement between or among the operators and service providers. It endorses or examines the interconnection agreement in line with the Interconnection Regulation of 2004.

It examines Routing and Transmission plan of the operators. It assigns National Signaling Point Code (NSPC) and short code to telecom operators under the Bangladesh Numbering Plan 2005. The E&O division follows up the Networking plan, Cable laying plan as per the set standard of BTRC. It also looks after all technical issues relating to Call Center, Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) and Infrastructure Sharing by operators.

Besides, this division interact with operators for submission of reports, auditing of their technical procedures and systems, inspecting of their records also monitoring the standards of their equipments and plans.